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5 reasons why it is better to workout in the morning.

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

There is always this question when you are trying to start to workout, is it better to do it in the morning or in the evening? To help you deicide easier here are some of the things that i got from working out in the morning.

What is the best time to workout in the morning? For me it is 6am (but i usually get up at 5:30 Or 5 in this post i will be stating some of the benefits i personally when working out in the morning.

Fewer distractions - I believe that there are really a little to none distractions in the morning, may it be work, family or social media. Work does not start until 8am or in some cases 9am nobody is in the office yet and no one will message you consistently asking for updates or backlogs. Most of our family members is still sleeping at the wee hours of the morning (unless they workout too) no one will ask you to do something in the house, or tell you to cook because again they are still sleeping. With social media its quite the same our friends and people we follow "might" be still in the bed and dreaming. i could state more cases where i can prove that there are fewer distractions when working out in the morning but think about it look at your day, here go check your cellphone screen time in the settings, which time of day are you more distracted or glued to your phone. 😂 you will see that in the morning screen Time is down whatever the category might be. Here is mine.

It taught me consistency - Weather i liked it or not working out in the morning taught me how to be consistent. Not just with working out but also with the daily things i do in my life. Consistency to me means doing something even though i don't want to, doing it despite the circumstances around me. Being consistent helped me a lot with my daily habits, from working out, reading, selling my barbecue. Remember from the rock himself Dwayne Johnson and i quote "success isnt always about greatness its about consistency. consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come."

You sleep better - This is something that does not need much explaining, after exercising in the morning you will have to do a lot more things within your day, work, school or whatever else you need to do, so when the day ends it will be easier for you to sleep at night. Unlike working out in the evening our blood is thinner than normal and our brain and muscles are more active thats why you'll have a harder time sleeping, from my own experience if i workout in the evening i have a harder time falling asleep immediately cause of the reason i explained above. Its simple tire yourself out throughout the day, when you get home or finish all you errands you can just hit the shower and lay in bed and sleep.

Accomplish more in the day- Working out in helps me accomplish and do more with my day, since i am pumped and energized after working all i want to do is do some more. I would not have that slugish feeling in the morning that i do not want to do anything and i do not want to get up.

Sets your mood through out the day- Studies have shown that when we workout our bodies release endorphins which makes us feel good. and this gets carried out throughout the day, i myself after working out i feel better, i feel happy, i know that i have already done something for myself which is for my greater good. I have this feeling that i can face anything life throws at me, im not exaggerating this is the feeling I really get after working out, and i want you to feel this too. Go! try it workout in the morning!

You do not have to start very early immediately, you can do it gradually, first try to do it at 8am, or what time you think is comfortable for you then you can adjust from there. The key here is consistency the more you do it often, the more repetitions you make the easier it will get.

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