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Happy 1 year of fitness to me!

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Happy 1st birthday to me! Same date last year is the day that i decided to change my life around, today is the day that i realized i need to do something about my wellness, and the lockdown started already so i really don't have a choice 😂 but, it all started in my head.

It was just like yesterday that i started my fitness journey, it does not feel like a year already. I could say that last year was the year i really utilized my year, it is the most fruitful year in terms of me doing something for me.

This journey is not easy and is not getting easier, i just got used to it and i learned to love what i am doing. There were a couple of times that i would stop and throw everything i worked for, times came that i was questioning my self why am i doing this? I don't see any progress, why is it taking so long? This is the old me taking to the new me, he is afraid of change and is scared that the new me wants to change. Anything that is not comfortable to anyone is scary, when it is not in our comfort zone we ask ourselves, is this right? Are we doing the right thing? This is where i start to relapse to the old me. How did i overcome this? i pushed i just did it, no questions, no procrastinating, no excuses i just did it. I did it so many times that even in the days that i did not want to do anything my body would push me to do something And i would end up doing more than i thought i would do.

Working out taught me that i have to be disciplined, not to rely on motivation alone. Event the best of us wake up and feel like nothing is working out. Motivation can get us started but discipline will take us where we want to go.

Working out sets my mood for the whole day, i like working out in the morning because it gives me a sense of fulfillment. i have already accomplished something at that early. My mood is better, my outlook for the day is different. Its like i can accomplish anything the day throws at me.

I am very thankful to my self for deciding to change my old ways. Looking back on how i looked like, i was already heading the way of having a heart attack or a stroke Anytime soon. For anyone of you who knows me, you know how my lifestyle was. Sleepless nights, drinking till i cant anymore, fastfood flor breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. Maaaaan was i unhealthy! Thank you self for doing this for us.

To you who is reading this i hope this gets you inspired, i hope this pushes you to be the better version of yourself. Do not doubt yourself before doing anything you want to do, our minds are very powerful anything we say it listens, that is why you should always be positive in anything you want to acomplish even though how hard or impossible it is.

if you have any questions about anything let me know. You know how to contact me, I'm here to support you! Don't be shy!

I hope this made sense this whole thing i wrote, snd i hope you got something out of it! 😅

thanks for reading!


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