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4 reasons why you should try free diving.

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

1. You will learn how to swim - i can already hear my friends saying "i don't know how to swim!" Whenever would say "you should try free diving!" We visited free dive tribe ph (Free dive tribe PH) in Mabini Batangas last March 6-7, 2021. In our group we had one person who at all does not know how to swim period. Our coach (Merbeki Pangke) who is a real life mermaid by the way, made our group mate learn how to swim in one day. Yes you read that right one day only. At first he was really hesitant to try the exercises that was laid out for us, but with constant encouragement from our coach and from us by the end of the weekend he was able to achieve the (what most people think) unachievable, he learned to line dive, duck dive, and hold his breath under water for a certain amount of time. Do not let your fears get the best of you if you want to try something new, you are safe here and everyone is there to help you.

2. You will learn how to be 💯 calm - in the almost 4 orientation we were taught that if we want to do this right and if we want to achieve deeper dives we have to be calm, panicking or being distracted would not get you anywhere. They will be holding a 30min breathing exercise that will teach you to be calm and be aware of your surroundings. What i picked up here is not only for free diving but in life general, to get to where you want to go you have to be calm, you have to know where you want to go and what you want to do and do not let outer extremities affect what you want to achieve.

3. The community of the Tribe is amazing - upon arrival in the Tribe, you will be greeted by strangers, people from all around the metro trying to get away for a while from Manila, everyone has their own groups seated together, after a few exercises at the beach i got to know some of the guests, the best part is when the "socials" (gathering in the evening) starts everyone will be seated in the common area and will be asked to introduce theirselves one by one. At the end of the night i already almost knew everyone, we got to tell stories about ourselves or what everyone is going trough in life (with a little bit of help from alcohol). Its fun to meet new people and gear about their lives, it has been a while since i have spoken to a stranger. We all came in as strangers, we all left as friends.

4. You are helping tourism grow again locally - Covid-19 hit us all pretty bad, specially our provinces who rely on tourism as their income, if you decide to come and try free diving you are giving their jobs back to them again. You will help them put food in the tables for their families.

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