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Boya BY-DM200 (cheapest external microphone for IOS)

Hey! Thanks for being here again! Today we are gonna talk about the Boya BY-DM200. Is it worth its price? Is it worth having?

There is also a variant of this microphone for usb-c and other devices.

The Boya BY-DM200 comes with

  1. Mic

  2. Wind screen foam

  3. Wind screen Fur

  4. Instruction manual

  5. Warranty card

  6. Carrying pouch

The microphone does not need any batteries or charging, it uses the battery of your device which is a plus for me because i will not have to worry if i need to charge anytime soon.

The wind screen foam is best for indoor shoots, house, malls, any room that is enclosed this is best. While the windscreen fur is best for outdoor settings where weather is unpredictable and when your environment has more noise.

Quick tip, "make sure you turn on airplane mode before recording so that the microphone does not pickup static Frequency"

As a Youtuber, most of the problem i encounter when editing my videos Is the audio. I am only using an my phone when recording my videos, yes the iphone X has an excellent mic specially the newer models thats supports mono and stereo recording and has a little bit of noise canceling properties, but it is only best if not in a crowded place or i am indoors. The real challenge comes when i try to record outdoors, when the wind is heavy, when there are animals in the background, when there are other people around.

Now i have tried recording with and without the Boya BY-DM200 microphone and the quality is very far from each other watch my youtube video about it so you could understand what i am talking about,

My voice is clearer, you can hear the bass of my voice, wind is canceled, and no outer noises coming from my surroundings.

My take here is that if you will be really serious in what you want to do, may it be singing, making vlogs, doing reviews this mic is a great addition to your tools. Cause people hate when they cannot understand what you are saying in the video or they could not hear clearly what You want them to understand.

For 1,500 pesos this is not bad already. You will have better sound quality for your videos and your viewers will understand you better.

You can get it here and you can click the picture below. Enjoy! 😀

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