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Asics Rock 'n' roll run series Manila (November 26, 2023)

The Asics rock 'n' roll run series Manila 2022 was my first ever half marathon in the Philippines. Comming from the United states (joining my first ever half marathon there) my expectations were high knowing that this is an international brand.

I learned about the Asics rock 'n' roll run series manila just through social media, i remember telling myself "i want a challenge" one distance just won't cut it. For those who do not know Asics rock 'n' roll run series manila offered a category last year that i have never seen before in any other races it's called the "remix challenge" this means i will be running 2 distances in one day. (I like challenging myself from time to time) to things that i think would be hard for me to do, to test my limits and see what i can really do. I signed up for the 5km distnace in the morning and the 21km distance in the evening. From the registration to the race kit claiming up until the race everything was a breeze.

When race day came i really did not know what to expect, (but they were high) aside from the higher than usual fees for a race, like i said in the beggining it is an international brand. With all the restrictions with covid how will they be able to control people and not have any issues with crowds. In the athletes village and race areas no spectators were allowed only racers were permitted to be in the area. The atmosphere was amazing, seeing this much people come together and run because they want to was really a new experience for me here in the Philippines. Before all this my late nights and early mornings were composed of shots and loud heart pumping music. This was a new scene environment for me.

The race route of the 5km & 21km run was around the streets of manila, it started in roxas boulevard then goes through luneta park, intramuros, passes inside some places i have not even accessed before with just going around the metro.

In the route i was never bored, besides the smiles and encouraging people around us we are also greeted by live marching bands and live rock bands within the race route. Water stations and aid stations are everywhere. Thirsty? Everything you need for hydration is readily available, hungry? Bannanas and hard boiled eggs are there for you too. Coming to the finish line you will be greeted by fully dressed iconic rock starst from all eras! This was the icing on the cake for me, imagine elvis will be cheering you on just before coming the finish line! How awesome is that?

Now let us talk about the medals, you see that? For the remix challenge that time if you complete both distances you would get a 3rd medal besides the 2 medals for the distance you ran. These medals are not ordinary, they are interactive! (Well for the 21k and the remix medal) before i really did not get the piont of medals, they are just pieces of metal and to me they were just a waste of space. Until i earned them and worked hard for them. Now these medals mean more to me than anything else in my possesion. It represents my hard work, determination, perseverance, grit, blood, sweat and tears. I earned this.

if you are having doubts registering to the Asics rock 'n' roll run series Manila, i am here to tell you that this would be totally worth it. Would you want to experience a race that has the standart of races internationally? This one is it.

To register click here.

I hope to see you on November 26, 2023!

Run for you, Run with me #runwithpat #patrickrubin #91213

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