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7 things you should NOT do if you are trying to lose weight and be healthy.

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Here are some of the things that i personally did wrong with the span of time i have been trying and still trying to lose weight, i hope this list would help you and you would not do make the same mistakes i did.

1. Do not sleep late - personally before covid i have always thought my body is normal, i can do what normal people can do at work, gym, sports etc. I did not realize that sleeping late makes my body different, yes i can do all the things "normal" (people who sleep early) but i could never do it efficiently as per if i had ample amount of sleep. Through out the months that i have been working out i have realized that me with the right amount of sleep can do things better, more efficiently and guess what? I have more time to do other things i have to do. Our body adapts to what situation it is given, less sleep = more eating, our body tries to coupe up with the things we try to do without the right amount of sleep hence over eating and i did not even notice it. Sleep early and sleep right. 8 hours is the recommended hours for our body to recover from a days work. More rest = more productivity and more energy. If your schedule really does not permit this, find balance.

2. Do not eat the same way you were eating before - if for example before you started working out i ate usually 2 cups of rice and a whole lot of viand, when i started working out what i did in the beginning was i cut my food intake in half, i was eating per meal 1 cup of rice only and a portion of the viand i think i need, if before i ate 2 cups of nilagang baka i would make it one. This is some of the things some people do when they try and start to lose wright. Start there, and in the process of you working out you will learn some other diets or meal plans that you should be doing to attain your goal for example, calorie deficit, carb cycling etc. there are more to be learned through the process.

3. Do not rely on supplements - Personally this was a mistake i made, i relied on whey protein, fat burners, pre-workouts for me to build muscle and lose weight (but i was not putting much effort on working out). Yes i have seen results for a short time, but after that i started gaining all the weight back. It does not mean you took fat burners it alone will burn fat for you, of you drank whey protein your muscles will grow exponentially. You will have to put in the work with these supplements and eat right. You might as well learn this now rather than spend thousands of Pesos without any results. Do not make the mistakes i have. Put in the work, eat right results will follow.

4. Do not overwork yourself - there is a notion that working out 7 times a week gets you there faster "no rest days" -this phrase does not work on working out. Your body needs to rest to build muscle and get your energy and endurance back. it does not mean that you workout everyday you will see better results. All the time good results come out after resting. Even machines need to rest once in a while because when overworked they cannot perform as well as they have rested, for example if you have used a printer continuously for 3 hours non stop printing the prints will come out distorted or sometimes misaligned what do you do? You reset it and make it rest for a while. Same with our body without rest we cannot do properly our desired workouts, yes we can execute but not with efficiency anymore. Rest.

5. Do not get caught up in social media on how you should look like - this one i see everywhere, personally i am a victim of this. I have tried other peoples diets, workouts to "get" their body. It does not work like that. Our bodies are built differently not one body is alike. We can attain somewhat of the same physique but not the same. We should learn to love our bodies and embrace what we can do with it. Don't let social media dictate what you "should" like.

6. Do not weigh yourself everyday - for me weighing myself everyday led me to be disappointed. if you weigh yourself everyday you might not see that scale go down. I suggest you weigh yourself once a week. Here you will see results! In ourselves we know if we lost weight or not. Give yourself time.

7. Do not compare your progress with other people - this is one of the reasons a lot of people stop their workouts and throw away all the progress they have made. This makes us insecure, again i went through. I used ti tell myself why does he/she is losing weight more than me? We started working out at the same month, time etc. remember it may be faster for them snd slower for you or vice versa. Do not be too hard on yourself, and only compete with yourself.

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