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5 Reasons why you should vistit Stilts Calatagan beach resort now.

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

We have recently visited Stilts calatagan beach resort in Batangas, here are a few reasons why you should visit them.

1. There is not much people visiting the resort now - due to the pandemic, local tours are limited and have a lot of requirements (which not everyone can afford). If you have money to spend and badly need a vacation with the family, friends or your significant other, now is the perfect time. We visited last February, not all the rooms, cottages, and villas are booked, if you are the type that likes peace in the beach it will be perfect for you, you can read in peach at the beach shore without any people's noise bothering you, you can sun bathe without being conscious of peoples stares, buffet line is non existent and like me you can take that picture perfect moment i would always want to capture.

2. The employees of the resort are friendly - i myself have visited a lot of resorts around the Philippines already. In each resort there is that one employee that would be different from the others, what i mean is not everyone would be as accommodating as the other. Here everyone is smiling, every time you walk into anyone they will be smiling, everyone will be happy to assist you. (Maybe because they don't have much guests, meaning less stress) i thought that too of course! But i took into consideration how big the resort was, to get to our cottage if we call for room service from the restaurant it is a good .3 kilometer walk and the terrain is not flat, you will have to go through 2 set of stairs. Taking in to consideration all the outer factors that they need to get through to get to us they still are smiling (even though they are catching their breaths every time) and if we forgot to include something like fish sauce or soy sauce the will be back with in ASAP.

3. Children are allowed - Not all resorts allow children, Stilts does, given the factor that everyone has had a medical checkup stating that everyone in your party is healthy and fit and shows no signs of symptoms of COVID-19. This is the best time to let kids enjoy the great outdoors, they can play freely in the water, build their castles in the sand and roam around the beach without you parents getting scared of them being trampled adults. My nephew had a great time here, all he was saying when we were not doing anything was beach! Beach!

Mateo enjoying the beach! 🥰

4. Their food is amazing - in Stilts Calatagan beach resort, Batangas they have their own farm (yes they grow their own produce) and im sure some of their food items in the menu they make too. If you love vegetables like i do (i did not always like vegetables, FYI) you will be able to distinguish that all the vegetables they use in their food are fresh, that crunchy and good smelling vegetables i look for i got there. Aside from all of that i really think they have a great chef.

5. The sunset is amazing - if like me you love chasing sunsets and just sit down and enjoy the sunset hitting your face watch it go into the darkness, this spot is for you. Their shore faces the west and as we all know that the sun rises at the east and sets in the west. I love seeing sunsets it reminds me that everything will be okay. Yes it will be dark soon but tomorrow the sun will rise again.

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